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Storyboard That engages students while they create storyboards. Storyboards are a powerful medium to communicate, leveraging people’s love of storytelling with relevant images in a concise format. Storyboards are great for plot diagrams, practicing a foreign language, or creative writing.
Prekindergarten - Higher Education
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    I am having major difficulty trying to use stroyboardthat with Edmodo. I need help and directions with launching a template to my students and creating assignments so that my students can get the template. I do have a twitter account and can be reached @drroberts.

    • Storyboard That
      Storyboard That said Jan 29, 2016

      Hi Dr. Roberts,

      Please contact us at with any questions you may have.


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    I'm having some problems being able to change dates once I post the assignment in Edmodo. Please advise.

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    Have people tried our T-Charts, Frayer Models, and Spider Charts?!?!??

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    Can I speak to a live person regarding purchasing StoryboardThat in my unique situation? I am a Technology Teacher with 8 classes for who I would like to use the App with. I spoke to someone at the end of summer regarding how I can go about using this in a cost effective way.

    • Mr. Test Account
      Mr. Test Account said Jan 23, 2015

      Hello Ms. Gordon,

      Please contact us at so that I may provide you with our phone number and we can work something out :)

      -Sally La
      Storyboard That

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    I'm trying to print my trial create a crossword, but after hitting create, it never came back. Does anyone know where I can get it? THANX!

    • Storyboard That
      Storyboard That said Jan 21, 2015

      I'm not sure I understand the question. What browser are you using? Can you send screenshots to

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    Have you tried our latest App? Photos for Class? Check out this how to article -

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    My trial version is going to expire in two days and I'd like to subscribe for one month, but I now realize that the app is not available in my country (Italy) for licensing reasons. Is that true? Any possible solution?

    • Storyboard That
      Storyboard That said Dec 16, 2014

      Sorry about this difficulty. I believe this is occurring because perhaps you haven't selected a school on your profile on Edmodo. Edmodo does this to confirm their users' locations as paid apps are only available in some countries at this time.

      As soon as a valid school or district is selected, the app should become accessible.

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    Proud to announce a major overhaul in your dashboard! Let us know what you think!

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    Super excited to announce our newest website - - Quickly and easily search Flickr for Creative Common images - then download a properly cited image

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    Hi. I'm interested in using the trial before deciding whether to purchase the app or not, but I'm worried about my students work being deleted. If they use the trial version can they save their work or once the trial expires is it gone? Also, how is it saved? Can you download the finished work and in what format?

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    • Mrs. Cardona
      Mrs. Cardona said Nov 14, 2014

      Thank you. One more question. I teach technology to a group of students for 6 weeks. Then I don't see them again but I get another group for another 6 weeks. Is it possible to transfer the app to the new group or would I have to pay for it again every time I get a new group? Thanks.

    • Storyboard That
      Storyboard That said Nov 14, 2014

      Yup - you can uninstall a group and then install a new group - no extra fee

    • Dr. waym
      Dr. Waym said Oct 26, 2015


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