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    Attention Subscribers! Our October newsletter features current events, subscriber spotlights, and our newest ‪‎free resources‬ collection, "When Nature Strikes: Science of Natural Hazards," produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation and The Weather Channel: http://www.nbclearn.com/newsletter
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    The NHL 2015 season starts this week! Explore how ‪‎STEM‬ concepts play a role in ‪‎hockey‬ in this ‪free resources‬ collection, produced in partnership with the NHL and the National Science Foundation: http://bit.ly/1Z3QWc0
    • Morse先生 - This is such a great resource. Of course, I am partial since I am a HUGE hockey fan!

      • 2015年 10月 6日
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    Today in 2011, Steve Jobs died. Learn about the ups and downs of his career in these free resources: https://www.nbclearn.com/stevejobs
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    K12 Subscribers: Today in 1781, the Battle of Yorktown began. Watch this historical reenactment on the anniversary bit.ly/1LXbsRZ
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    It is officially ‪autumn‬! Learn about the ‎chemistry‬ behind leaves changing color in our original collection Chemistry Now, produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation: http://bit.ly/1pIjnM5
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    ‎K12‬ Subscribers: Today in 1780, Benedict Arnold committed treason. Watch Tom Brokaw reports on other Americans accused of ‎treason:‬ https://bit.ly/1L0AeGj
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    K12 Subscribers: Happy Birthday to Stephen King! Watch the author discuss his goals as a 22-year-old writer bit.ly/1iIqKmL
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    K12 Subscribers: Today in 1932, Gandhi began a hunger strike to protest caste separation. Learn about Gandhi's life in this video resource: http://t.co/PUrAZMXzEZ
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    Higher Ed Subscribers: Today in 1963, the 16th St. Baptist Church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama.

    Watch this archival resource: http://t.co/RLY7xzZ3XY
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    ‪‎Higher Ed‬ Subscribers: This week in 1972, the Peabody award-winning documentary "Pensions: The Broken Promise" aired. Watch the full doc here: http://bit.ly/1oqTtXq
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