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    ‪‎K12‬ Subscribers: See how the Gulf Coast environment is still recovering five years after the ‪BP Oil Spill‬: http://t.co/nA3EEQ1uwG
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    Doing your ‎spring cleaning‬ this weekend? Get the dirt on ‎ammonia‬, a common cleaning product, in ‪Chemistry‬ Now, a collection produced in partnership with National Science Foundation: https://bit.ly/1hIPUus
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    Today in 1912, the ‪Titanic‬ sank in the North Atlantic. See the wreckage and examine primary sources with your students in our Sinking of the Titanic collection: https://bit.ly/1IIqX32
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    Higher Ed Subscribers: Tomorrow is Tax Day. Check out what you need to know before filing on a tablet: bit.ly/1CVdsFu
  • NBC Learn的虚拟化身
    ‪K12‬ Subscribers: Today in 1909, author Eudora Welty was born. Hear her thoughts on writers from Mississippi: https://bit.ly/1EUUuA2
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    How are coral reefs adapting to rising levels of carbon dioxide? Find out in our Changing Planet collection produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation.
  • NBC Learn的虚拟化身
    Find out how University of Delaware's Richard Wool, honored by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, replaces petroleum with ‪sustainable‬ materials in this ‪‎Campus Perspectives‬ video: https://bit.ly/1t9A5EG
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    This week in 1980, Post-it notes first hit store shelves! Learn about their chance discovery in ‪‎Chemistry‬ Now, a collection produced in partnership with National Science Foundation: https://bit.ly/1m2xhEw
    • Cochran女士 - I assigned your clip as homework (via Edmodo) but when I field tested it on my phone, I discovered that I could only get to the web page -- "Chance Discoveries". I cannot locate where the video is for "Post-it" notes. What do my students need to do to view this exact clip?

      • 2015年 4月 9日
  • NBC Learn的虚拟化身
    K12 Subscribers: Today in 1935, Congress established the Works Progress Administration was established. In this Universal newsreel, learn how the Works Progress Administration and the National Youth Association partnered to provide jobs for youth: https://bit.ly/1bJfuCJ
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    Higher Ed ‪Subscribers: Today in 2013, Margaret Thatcher died. Learn how Britain's first female Prime Minister, also known as the "Iron Lady," influenced President Ronald Reagan and her country in this video: https://bit.ly/1GGVv3n
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