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    ‪K12‬ Subscribers: Today in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 32nd President of the United States. Watch him take the oath of office and listen to his historic inaugural address. https://bit.ly/1DX6nsf
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    Pi Day is 3.14.15!
    Looking for classroom resources? Check out our collection for math resources and activities: http://nbclearn.com/pi
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    ‪Higher Ed‬ Subscribers: Today in 1793, Sam Houston was born. Learn about his role at the Alamo: https://bit.ly/1ETvdYx
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    ‪Higher Ed‬ Subscribers: See how The Prospector Ridgefield is ‎making a difference‬ in the lives of adults with special needs: bit.ly/1ziTsuv
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    ‎Higher Ed‬ Subscribers: Today in 1993, the ‪World Trade Center‬ was bombed. Hear from survivors in this video resource: https://bit.ly/1LJClZI
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    K12 Subscribers: This week in 1919, Grand Canyon National Park was established. See how Google is trying to capture its beauty: https://bit.ly/1Arr8v4
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    This week in 1906, "The Jungle" was published. Learn how one of America’s most influential novels was actually softened to pacify the publisher. Watch now in our carousel: http://www.archives.nbclearn.com
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    Watch Syracuse University professors and students draft a NAACP resolution in 2013 to help solve cold cases that occurred under mysterious circumstances during the ‪civil rights‬ era. https://bit.ly/1bJI2e6
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    ‎Higher Ed‬ Subscribers: What sets New York City, Los Angeles, & Washington, DC apart from the rest of the U.S.? Find out in ‪Current Events: https://bit.ly/1vv812S
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    K12‬ Subscribers: 70 years ago today, the American flag was raised over Iwo Jima. Hear veterans reflect on one of the bloodiest battles of ‪‎World War II‬. https://bit.ly/1Lviv4k
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