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  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    Happy early Birthday Doreen Cronin! Hear her tips for writer's block in our free resources collection Writers Speak to Kids: https://bit.ly/1xcRrFJ
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    Next Thursday, April 2 is ‪‎World Autism Day‬! Learn about the inspiring life of Colorado State University Professor Temple Grandin in this ‎free resource from the ‬‎Campus Perspectives collection: https://bit.ly/1eFHkOb
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    ‪‎Higher Ed‬ Subscribers: Today in 1874, poet Robert Frost was born. In this 1952 interview, author Bela Kornitzer visits Frost’s Vermont farm to discuss his life and poetry: https://bit.ly/19KHpBC
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    ‪K12‬ Subscribers: Today in 1920, F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel "This Side of Paradise" was published. Watch his daughter discuss what it was like to grow up with the author: https://bit.ly/1BaOT6u
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    K12 Subscribers: Today in 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred in New York City.

    Learn about one of the worst labor disasters in history and how the tragedy impacted labor laws and fire safety reform: https://bit.ly/1xgKuU0
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    ‎Higher Ed‬ Subscribers: Today in 1912, Dorothy Height was born. Watch an interview with the ‪civil rights‬ trailblazer and women's rights activist: http://bit.ly/1FzrL9n
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    ‎K12‬ Subscribers: Today in 1902, presidential nominee Thomas Dewey was born. Learn how the media impacted his bid for the ‪‎GOP‬ nomination at the first televised Republican National Convention: https://bit.ly/1CLKoER
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    Today in 1989, an Exxon oil tanker smashed into a reef, leaking 11.3 million gallons of oil into Alaska’s Prince William Sound.

    The day after the accident, NBC’s David Burrington reports on one of the worst human-caused environmental disasters in history. Watch a ‪this week in history‬ video every week on our homepage: https://bit.ly/1mISJ5B
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    Higher Ed Subscribers: How do drivers with multiple DUIs end up back on the road? Find out in Current Events: https://bit.ly/1Bnsq6a
  • Το άβαταρ του/της NBC Learn
    Will you be joining our first ‪‎#NBCLearnChat‬? It's happening this Wednesday, March 25, at 6 pm ET. We hope to see you there!
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