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    I've been trying to contact LifeDojo throughout their site. I would like to continue using LifeDojo but purchasing the program through their site and not Edmodo. My district only allows us to use Canvas as an LMS. I've been using LifeDojo for 2 years and would like to continue but was unable to purchase it through their website. Please help!

    • LifeDojo
      LifeDojo said May 12, 2016

      Hi Mr. Gonzales! We have a new standalone school offering that goes beyond health education - and gives 12 weeks of support to get employees to create one new health habit that sticks with them for years to come!

      If you have interest, don't hesitate to email us at connect at lifedojo dot com

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    I need to know how long the class content actually takes to complete? Is there anyway to use this for a 2 hour stress component within a 10 week Health class? You can answer this for your other Health apps as well, if you don't mind.

    • Mr. Cutter
      Mr. Cutter said Jul 6, 2015

      Definitely. The videos can be watched in as few as 2 sittings, since it is 90 minutes of content in total (without any other activities). This applies for all programs.

    • Mrs. Simmons
      Mrs. Simmons said Jul 6, 2015

      Thanks. Can I see an outline of the content:)?

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    Mr Gonzales, Were you able to launch Science of Healthy Eating from your ipads?

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    Does anything have captions?

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    Ok, I'm in need of some assistance. I recently purchased the Science of Healthy Eating App for my health classes. Do we know when the classroom resources are going to be uploaded? Also, my students use iPads and the science of healthy eating app does NOT show on the iPads.
    I was able to see the resources and use the science of exercise app on iPads as well.
    Please let me know.

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    I've purchase the science of exercise app for edmodo and unable to open any of the classroom resources. I've also tried several other web browsers. Please assist.
    Thank you

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    • Rhonda  Dunavant
      Rhonda Dunavant said Nov 10, 2014

      YES, DELL

    • Mr. Gonzales
      Mr. Gonzales said Nov 10, 2014

      You need to have your IT department unblock the Edmodo "whitelist".

    • Mr. Gonzales
      Mr. Gonzales said Nov 10, 2014

      I had the same problem when I started with Edmodo.
      Contact your IT department and have them unblock the URL whitelist #entries/22157090-url-whitelist-admin">https://support.edmodo.com/home#entries/22157...

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    To LifeDojo,
    Do you y'all know when the other classes are going to be released? I'm very interested in the "Healthy Eating" course but have been waiting and waiting.

    • Mrs. Meador
      Mrs. Meador said Nov 21, 2013

      Good question, I would like to know too.

    • LifeDojo
      LifeDojo said Nov 22, 2013

      Mr. Gonzales and Mrs. Meador,

      Thank you for checking in! We have 7 instructors putting new classes together, which will all launch by January. Healthy Eating 101 will be first out of the gate. If you plan the unit for feb 1 on, that should give you time to prep and review content. Email me if you want a preview! Ccutter@lifedojo.com

    • Mr. Gonzales
      Mr. Gonzales said Nov 23, 2013

      Awesome thank you !

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    Wondering what LifeDojo is all about? Here's a NEW video to tell you all about us.

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    I just started using LifeDojo "Science of Exercise" app. My students love it! I hope more courses are being created soon!

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    LifeDojo gets FIVE stars on smart apps for kids!

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