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  • Avatar de Mme Lilly
    I have enjoyed seeing the students take ownership of their digital footprint. It is very important that all students K-4 are aware of digital citizenship when using technology. By starting in the elementary grades, these students will learn early and grow up with an awareness of responsibility they have to keep themselves safe on the internet.
  • Avatar de Teresa Cronce
    I enjoy teaching the Common Sense Media Program to all 850 of my students that I teach in library classes at two elementary schools I work at. It is vitally important that students become responsible, safe,and ethical users of technology. In teaching K-6 students I have found that digital citizenship is really the core of all technology use. Starting early is key in preparing students to do this.
  • Avatar de Mme Tracey-Hitrik
    I am very excited that I have just completed teaching my students the different Digital Passport Lessons. What a fun and educationally way to learn. I have enjoyed watching their growing understanding of the importance in creating a good digital footprint for their futures and increasing their awareness of copyright issues. I believe they are better prepared to be digital citizens as our county moves to BYOD.
  • Avatar de Mlle Sullivan
    Common Sense Education's Pause and Think Online characters are back! In this fun video for elementary students, the characters illustrate the difference between online and offline footprints to encourage kits to be safe online. The video is a fantastic accompaniment to the lesson Follow the Digital Trail.

    Play it for your students and let us know what you think!
  • Avatar de Mme Powers
    kids are beginning to use Compass today - wondering how I can view their progress....?? Please advise and thanks!
    • Mlle Sullivan - Great question. At the end of each module, students will receive a scorecard with two types of scores: the Progress Score and the Game Score. The scorecards display bronze, silver, and gold badges for both the progress on the story as well as the game scores. Students can “save” their scorecard by printing it in the Web version or saving it to the photo album on tablets. You can learn more about the Assessment in the Educator Guide: voir plus...
      • 22 April, 2015
  • Avatar de Joelle Lee
    With our school going to a 1 to 1 device program, there was a need for students to learn about being responsible with their digital devices and how to be safe online. Digital Citizenship helped teach students how to create a user name, knowing what types of information should be kept private, giving credit to the owner of digital information and how to navigate the internet safely. Students also learned how to use an email to communicate with others. I know my students can do these things because of the assessment at the end of Unit 1.
  • Avatar de Mme Kauhane
    Digital citizenship lets me know that my class knows how to use the internet safely. They know how to respect and treat each other kindly digitally, keeping private information private, how what is posted can leave a digital trail, and using keywords and finding credible sites to reference.
  • Avatar de Mlle Martin
    I'm just beginning the process of becoming a certified educator, but I am very excited! I am so lucky to be a teacher in a school that is initiating a "BYOT" program in which students will be able to bring their own technology to be used within the classroom. Any helpful tips/ideas from fellow educators who have been through the either of these situations (as teachers in new BYOT environments or certified educators of Common Sense Media) are welcome!
  • Avatar de
    I am proud to have just completed teaching Common Sense Media lessons to a group of 1st graders. I was a bit nervous, but they really learned a lot! I feel better knowing they will be safe this summer when playing online!
  • Avatar de Mme Payne
    Our school system will be initiating a BYOT program beginning next year. In an effort to help prepare students and staff, I have taken the steps necessary to become certified in Digital Literacy and Citizenship through the Common Sense Media Curriculum.
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