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    We are super excited to tell you about a new level in 10monkeys Math World that will be released soon; Time activities! More activities, more fun!

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    I have the free unlimited lite version. My students used it once, but now it says that they have hit their daily limit. When we went back the next day, they were still locked out.

    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Jan 30, 2015

      Dear Dr. Scott, we are so sorry for the delayed response. Could you please give us your e-mail address? We will fix this and reply to you ASAP. Best regards, Veronika/10monkeys

    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Jan 30, 2015

      Dear Dr. Scott, the Math World Lite version has changed in terms of what activities can be done and for how long. Earlier, many activities were locked and there was no daily practice limit. Currently students can do all activities but there is a daily practice limit. I hope this answers to your question. Please, let us know if there is anything else we could help with. Best regards, Veronika/10monkeys

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    Hey teachers! Check out our Special Christmas Offer: Get 10monkeys Math World (FULL version) for your class for only $15 (normal price $79)!!

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    I purchased this app for my group in September and now it doesn't appear in the apps launcher. Can someone please let me know why???

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    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Dec 19, 2014

      Thank you! The e-mail is on the way. Have a nice Christmas!

    • Mrs. Johnson
      Mrs. Johnson said Dec 19, 2014

      Apparently I only had access for a month and a half. Edmodo said I have to re-purchase the app license. That makes no sense since I paid $52 for 20 extra students (52 total) in Sept. and now the app is only $15 per group.

    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Dec 29, 2014

      Dear Mrs. Johnson, according to Edmodo´s policy the add-on seats expire the same day as the originally bought license, and that is why these expired after a month and a half. What comes to the pricing policy, unfortunately we cannot control the pricing model of our products made by the reseller/Edmodo store. We understand that you are upset for paying for add-on seats, which expired after such a short period. We will contact Edmodo´s support to further clarify this payment issue and come back to you by e-mail shortly.
      We also want to remind you that the current price

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    Special Christmas Offer: Get 10monkeys Math World (FULL version) for your class for only $15 (normal price $79)!!

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    How do I monitor student progress on this app?

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    • Mr. Spadolini
      Mr. Spadolini said Sep 22, 2014

      I do not see any monitoring of student progress through the above link. It only lets me play the app, as a student would be able to. I purchased the app for 79.00- You'd think that might allow me that ability.

    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Sep 23, 2014

      Please look at the Evaluation Tool in the right sidebar. There you'll see list of students. Click on a student row and you'll see more data.

      Our apologies for not providing the evaluation tool in Edmodo. This is due to technical reasons. We have it on our roadmap and hope to get it soon in the Edmodo version.

    • Mr. Spadolini
      Mr. Spadolini said Sep 23, 2014

      Cool. Thank you.

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    We have a new topic in 10monkeys Math World,
    now you can also practice geometry with us! Try it out for free with 10monkeys Math World LITE:


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    I purchased the App a few months ago but am unable to find it in my "Manage My Apps" folder so that I can assign it to my students. It's also not showing in the App store anymore?? Did I waste my money.

    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Aug 26, 2014

      Hi Ms. Bennett,

      I’m sorry you have problems with the app. We can see the app in the app store. We’ve contacted Edmodo to ask for their help. Can you please send us your e-mail address to support@10monkeys.com and we’ll make sure that this will be fixed.


    • Ms. Bennett
      Ms. Bennett said Aug 27, 2014

      It's been cleared up - I was confused about what I had in my library and what had been paid for. It's now been explained. Sorry to pass any blame for my own misunderstandings. Thank you for your prompt reply.

    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Aug 27, 2014

      No problem Ms. Bennett! We’re here to help!

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    It is currently not opening on my iPad is there a problem with the app?

    • Mr. Board
      Mr. Board said Jul 1, 2014

      I think it's being blocked by our school filter. What do they need to add to unblock it?

    • 10monkeys.com
      10monkeys.com said Jul 2, 2014

      Hi Mr. Board,

      The domain name it's on is http://www.10monkeys.com (https://www.10monkeys.com). Please let me know whether you get it to work!

      Best Regards,

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