Silver Sharks Social Studies 2017-18

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    For an activity we are doing in class tomorrow I need some historical event dates. Please post below a unique event that along with the date in this format:

    American Apollo 11 Moon Landing
    July 20 1969

    Please look at prior student's events so you don't duplicate their answers. See you tomorrow!

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    • Ella H.
      Ella H. said Sep 13, 2017

      The Berlin Wall came down- November 9th 1989.

    • Grace S.
      Grace S. said Sep 14, 2017

      John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

    • madalyn d.
      Madalyn D. said Sep 14, 2017

      Battle At Bunker Hill. June 17, 1775

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    Tonight, students should prepare for day 2 of the "Mostly Memory Map" activity which we started in class on Tuesday. Students will have only 5 minutes to look at their continental explorer maps tomorrow so memorizing some cities and countries would be a good idea.

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    All students must complete their Continental Explorer maps for tomorrow's class.

    • jaymz r.
      Jaymz R. said Sep 11, 2017

      Hi it's jaymz Riley I can't find my Africa map can I just do the north America map from today

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    This weekend, students are welcome to work on their continental explorer maps to get a little bit ahead of the game. We will have about 25 minutes to work on them in class on Monday and if not finished then will be due at the start of class on Tuesday.

    Also, students should be helping their parents log in to PowerSchool using their login sheets this weekend.

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    The link below is for the Edmodo survey/quiz practice. You may click on it but please wait to start until Mr. MacKenzie says to do so.

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    • madalyn d.
      Madalyn D. said Sep 8, 2017

      When I click on the survey it says to log in with google but it's saying my password or email is wrong and I don't know what to do.

    • Shailyn D.
      Shailyn D. said Sep 9, 2017

      When I clicked the link it was saying that I need permission, and that it can only be viewed by users in the owners organization.

    • Matthew MacKenzie
      Matthew MacKenzie said Sep 9, 2017

      If anyone is still struggling with the survey, please realize that you must log in to Google to take the survey. You must log in to your Google Drive/Gmail account to be able to access this survey. This will be true of a lot of things I post this year so please take a little extra time to make sure you can do this, this weekend.

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    The homework for Tuesday 9/5/17 is to have the gray syllabus students received in class signed by Thursday.

    • Paige B.
      Paige B. said Sep 5, 2017

      Mr.MacKenzie,I don't how to do this can someone explain it to me please.

    • Paige B.
      Paige B. said Sep 5, 2017

      I'm so confused. Do you parents just sign it?

    • Sarah F.
      Sarah F. said Sep 5, 2017


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    Hello Silver Sharks and welcome to your Social Studies Edmodo page! As you know, we have a homework assignment that is due over the long weekend. You are to interview a parent/guardian about their favorite part of history and write about it.

    Forgot your sheet? Use the link below to write down the questions on white lined paper or print out a new one.

    See you on Tuesday!