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    Pixton Comic

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    • Eoghan H.
      Eoghan H. said Sep 10, 2010

      on the 3 panel his hand is backwards and he was only a teenager when he became interested in sailing, so he would not have a bushy beard. Also, in the 4th panel which king is he talking to, because when the Portuguese king refused him he went to Spain where he was accepted. and only 1 of the 5 ships returned to Spain after going around the world, and the ship that left during the journey went back to Spain not Portugal, and on the last panel you spelled sugar with an E. and it did not end in the Philippines, he just died there and then the Victoria sailed back as Magellan's more...

    • Eoghan H.
      Eoghan H. said Nov 11, 2010

      nice job though...................

    • Eoghan H.
      Eoghan H. said Feb 2, 2011

      on the fist panel his hand is backward