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    Wed 11/15 or Thurs 11/16: We read Ch. 18 & 19 of TKaM. We will continue to watch some of the film if there is time.

    ***Homework: Finish green SG packet! It is due TOMORROW 11/17. We will go over the questions next week, and we will make sure that all of your questions are right before moving on. Do your best, and finish all of the questions, and you will get full points. Also, don't forget that you have a vocabulary quiz 11/17!***

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    Tues 11/14 or Wed 11/15: We will read Ch 16 & 17 of TKaM. If there is time, we will watch some of the film.

    ***Homework: Make sure you have your SG questions answered for Ch. 16 & 17 (the questions are combined.) Due: 2nd Block.***

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    Mon 11/13: You will receive this week's vocabulary words for Unit 4 Week 1. See attachment for words. After, we will finish the 8 TKaM stations!

    ***Note: NO HOMEWORK!***

    Note: Have an independent reading book to be approved by me, for 1st Block!

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    Wed 11/8 or Thurs 11/9: We will discuss Ch. 15 and go over the SG questions together, and you will do 8 different stations having to do with Ch. 11-15.


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    Tues 11/7 & Wed 11/8: We will talk about Chapters 13 and 14 as well as the SG questions.

    Students will create an illustration depicting some sort of injustice they feel needs to be talked about. The phrase starter is..."It's a Sin to..."

    This needs to include the chosen phrase written boldly, with the illustration. There needs to be at least 4 colors used.

    ***HOMEWORK: Read Ch. 15 and answer the SG questions due Block 2!***

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    Today we will read through Chapters 13 & 14 of TKaM. Whatever is not finished today, is homework to have read for Block 1. Make sure to answer the SG questions for Chapters 13 & 14 as well!

    **NOTE: Book talks are due TODAY! If you have not done one yet, prepare to stay after school today to get that done.**

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    Fri 11/3: Vocabulary Quiz.


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    Wed 11/1 & Thurs 11/2: We read through Chapter 12 of TKaM and filled out the Study Guide.

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    Mon 10/30: You will receive this week's vocabulary words for Unit 3 Week 2. See attachment for words. After, we will finish up talking about "The Flowers".

    ***Note: Book talks are due 11/6!***

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    Fri 10/27: Vocabulary Quiz!