Franglish project Central High-Jean Renoir

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    3e2 students reaction before Election Day.

    • Mr. Jones
      Mr. Jones said May 7, 2017

      Merci. On va que ta classe est plus Macron que les francais en general.

    • Mrs. EL MASSOUDI
      Mrs. EL MASSOUDI said May 7, 2017

      Complètement! L'effet Trump j'imagine. Ce fut un électrochoc pour beaucoup.

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    Hello! I made my professional training in the pharmacy. I learnt news things. I made multiple activities. For example I made creams and capsules and I tidied up the medecine and stocks. Bye!

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    Hello 3E4,

    Tell your penpals about your professional training.

    Mrs E.

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    • Flavie M.
      Flavie M. said Jan 26, 2017

      My professional training was in a library.It was very interesting.

    • Hugo L.
      Hugo L. said Jan 26, 2017

      I did my professional training in a veterinary

    • Clément H.
      Clément H. said Jan 30, 2017

      I did my training in a hospital. It was very interesting !

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    Hello 3E2,

    Tell your penpals about your professional training.

    Mrs E.

    • Maurine W.
      Maurine W. said Jan 23, 2017

      Hi ! My training was in the "française des jeux" business and it was not really good because i dont like trade and they tolked à lot of money. But they are Nice an welcoming .

    • aaliyah z.
      Aaliyah Z. said Jan 25, 2017

      During my week of traineeship i gone to school
      During anything t week i am occupied the small of 2 and 3 years old. I participed tow organisation for two birthday

    • Solenn E.
      Solenn E. said Jan 29, 2017

      My training was in a little shop of shoes and it was interesting because I have do absolutely all things of this job. But in the reserve of the shop, it was very cold

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    Today we do not have school because there is freezing rain and the roads are too dangerous for walking or driving. Since we live so close to Lake Michigan and Canada, we tend to get extreme changes in weather. Earlier this week it was very cold and snowy, followed by warmed weather and strong winds, followed by unseasonably warm weather, followed by freezing rain (today). I am attaching a link to a "snow day predictor". Ironically, the predication for a snow for today was 51% on the Snow Day Calculator and only 3% on the Snow Day Predictor.

    • Mrs. EL MASSOUDI
      Mrs. EL MASSOUDI said Jan 13, 2017

      Wow! It is very rainy these days in France but we don't have such weather changes...! Thank you for sharing!

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    Un petit message de la part des élèves de 3e2!

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    Chers amis,

    Thank you for all the great treats. We had such a great time thanks to you.

    We enjoyed every bite!

    Merci beaucoup à très bientôt!

    3e2 & 3e4

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    What were the major events this year? tell your penpals...

    Mrs E.

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    Thank you so much for the package! We loved all the French treats, statues, and post cards!
    -2nd hour

    • Solenn E.
      Solenn E. said Jan 6, 2017

      It's cool if you like our package

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    Eating the caramel.