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    Here's our class photo! ^^

    • Dr. Tan
      Dr. Tan said Nov 1, 2011

      Thank you for sharing the photos!

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    Please share at least one takeaway from this course. Thank you.

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    • Ms. Junaidi
      Ms. Junaidi said Nov 1, 2011

      One take-away : Learning has to be through engaging methods and ways. We should not limit learning in teh classroom through lazy methods of just being tradisional. We say that we are living in the modern world of the 21st century yet our classrooms remain the same. Dr Tan, thanks for being a very motivating thinker.This was what i needed.

    • Ms. Ahmad
      Ms. Ahmad said Nov 1, 2011

      Integrating ICT into the curriculum may not be easy. There may be students who do not have Internet connection or computers at home. Or the school community and parents might be resistant to move away from the traditional method of teaching. However, the benefits that students and teachers can get from using ICT is worth taking the first step towards the future.

      Thanks for the great course, Dr Tan! (:

    • Dr. Tan
      Dr. Tan said Nov 1, 2011

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Do note that the class wiki and Edmodo will remain accessible to you indefinitely.

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    Thank you for preparing your flipped presentations over the weekend. I have left questions and comments in your group wiki pages.

    Please ensure that you have watched at least THREE other flipped presentations before class.

    See you tomorrow at 8.30am at the MxL for our final session!

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    Some reminders for next week.

    1. Update your group's wiki page with your flipped presentations and other resources.

    2. Keep your flipped presentations to 10-15 minutes.

    3. Ensure that your materials are online by 12 noon this Sat, 29 Oct.

    • Dr. Tan
      Dr. Tan said Oct 25, 2011

      One clarification: The flipped presentations must be ready by this Sat.

      The TEL group assignment (what you submit via Google Docs) is due next Tue.

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    Here is an example of a five-part screencast. It might give you ideas on how to do a flipped presentation.

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    I have checked your individual assignments in SafeAssign and all your submissions are in order. Thank you.

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    For those who might be interested in screencasting for your flipped presentations, here are some of my curated resources.

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    The Google Workshop for Educators sign up is at the link below.

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    What is your main takeaway from the "flipped classroom"?

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    • Ms. Junaidi
      Ms. Junaidi said Oct 18, 2011

      students learn at their own pace and they are comfortable w learning and questioning because they are equipped at home.

    • Ms. herdiyani
      Ms. Herdiyani said Oct 18, 2011

      Flipped classroom is a good platform for teachers to conduct lesson. It requires students to come prepared for the lesson beforehand, saving teacher's time to teach the new concept. Peer interaction is incorporated too, allowing students to teach their friends.

    • Dr. Tan
      Dr. Tan said Oct 18, 2011

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Do note that the concept and practice of flipping the classroom is not new. However, at least two things have contributed to its new found popularity: Current technology (broadband access and mobile devices) and shifts in education (e.g., unhappiness with current teaching methods, an emphasis on student-centred learning).

      The difficulties in implementation are less about tech and resources but more about mindset. The tech is getting more common and intuitive to use so that resources can be created and consumed easily.

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    Good day Dr Tan, how do I include my powerpoint slides, in the case that my lesson plan has powerpoint slides involved? Thank you!

    • Dr. Tan
      Dr. Tan said Oct 16, 2011

      You can submit the doc and ppt files as one zip file.

    • Ms. (Sam)
      Ms. (Sam) said Oct 16, 2011