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    New comic making web tool that you can try without setting up an account.

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    I just learned a new trick (for me) to give feedback to students. Can't wait to try it!

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    • Mrs. Wilson
      Mrs. Wilson said Mar 15, 2013

      What do you mean by "adding scripts can automate your workflow and provide personalize feedback to students"

    • Mr. Mason
      Mr. Mason said Mar 15, 2013

      I am assuming he is talking about things like Doctopus, gclassfolders, and I think another one is called Formmule.

    • Anthony Buza
      Anthony Buza said Mar 16, 2013

      @Mrs. Wilson & @Mr. Wilson - using this script could allow you to not just collect data but send feedback to students based on the collected data. Watching the video provided a lot of great ideas for me.

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    Here is an awesome grading rubric for your students using Edmodo! Enjoy!

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    • Ms. Jones
      Ms. Jones said Feb 25, 2013

      I cannot take credit it for it, I found it digging for resources preparing for NCTIES next week but I love it! Glad you do too Mrs. Noe

    • Ms. Jones
      Ms. Jones said Feb 25, 2013

      Mrs. Sands, you have to create each student then print to file and give them their grade you can save the print to file or pdf for each student and send it in Edmodo if you like. There is a print button on the online form you clear the form for each student and repeat the process. Hope this helps.

    • Mrs. Sands
      Mrs. Sands said Feb 25, 2013

      Thank you!

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    I went to an interesting workshop on augmented reality and its application to student learning. This is an interesting article on how it has been integrated into education.

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    • Ms.  anamaria Menezes
      Ms. Anamaria Menezes said Jan 18, 2013

      Thanks for sharing the link, Mr. Harper. I've bookmarked it for future reading as I'm very interested in augmented reality as well.

    • Mr. Harper
      Mr. Harper said Jan 19, 2013

      Vivienne augmented reality is blending VR elements into reality by using a camera or phone.

    • Viviene Tuckerman
      Viviene Tuckerman said Jan 19, 2013

      Thanks, I will look into it further.

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    Building a strong PLN is very important to keep our ideas fresh and collaborate with other teachers. This is a good presentation on some different ways to develop your PLN.

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    Here's my first attempt at using Videoscribe. It's not perfect, but I learned a lot. Thought I'd share.

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    • Ms. King
      Ms. King said Jan 11, 2013

      I posted the movie version to download in the Lang. Arts community a few days ago. That might help you.

    • Mrs. Christiansen
      Mrs. Christiansen said Jan 11, 2013

      I am a math teacher so I missed that post but I just went and found it. Thanks for letting me know. Added them both to my library. Again, thanks!

    • Ms. King
      Ms. King said Jan 11, 2013

      You're welcome!

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    Teaching Pre Algebra?

    Here is a public page with lots of resources (that will be updated this semester Fall 2012 often) :-) Enjoy!

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    here is a great resource for those of you putting your toes in the "flipping class" waters!

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    I am conducting a SmartBoard training for staff and plan to set up a community for my school (for teachers to share) as well as introduce the staff to the community here. The staff will be joining Edmodo for the first time and I'd like to give them a badge for the training - here are my questions, How do I set up a Community as opposed to a class (or are they basically the same) and does awarding teachers badges work the same as awarding students?

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    • b smith
      B Smith said Aug 12, 2011

      Ms Morrison: The School community that is part of your subdomain is a great place for training sessions-- each teacher in the subdomain will be able to see it at the top of their communities section on their home page - and it's a great way to get them started with communities.

    • Dr. Dalli
      Dr. Dalli said Aug 12, 2011

      We have a school community- it really acts as a sharing space for edmodo-y ideas :)

    • Mrs. Wendt
      Mrs. Wendt said Aug 13, 2011

      I also want to award badges to my teachers for sharing resources with other teachers.

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    Ok. I started my first journey into Gamification.

    This is in the constant state of change, so please keep visiting.

    Love feedback!

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    • Mr. Daley
      Mr. Daley said Aug 2, 2011

      Position the bottom circle closer to the mouth. It looks like a Monty Python cartoon no matter what you do but that's the appeal of it.

    • Mr. LaPorte
      Mr. LaPorte said Aug 2, 2011

      That's the nice thing about starting early!

      I'm thinking the narrative will help me get the kids to go from place to place and work on the skills that are taught in class.

      My experience with web quests have been a lot of tasks, usually research oriented, that conclude with some type of deliverable.

      I'd like for this to be continuous with multiple kinds of task that keep the students motivated and engaged.

    • Mr. Daley
      Mr. Daley said Aug 2, 2011

      Ms David , Mr Boxburn works at the village Inn. The students can see the town on the map. It's just another way to make the game more authentic.