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I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education that I received from Bluefield State College in West Virginia. I taught in the public school system In Chicago for four years as the 8th grade reading teacher and K-8 Librarian. I also taught 2nd grade in Liberia, West Africa at Cuttington University Campus School and School of the Prime System. My parents were missionaries with the UMC there for over 20 years. I attended Cuttington University College while there, married, bore two sons, gained a daughter, served as a Person In Mission and developed deep heart strings which will never be broken. I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee where I am completing a Masters of Education in Educational Technology K-12. I love it. I hope to return to Liberia with the skills to assist in facilitating the use of ICT and Distance Education in the region so as to elevate quality and greater access to educational services to the population.

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