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About Mr. Matthew Yates

Matt Yates has been a Latin teacher for ten years, and for all those years, he's been a Chiles High Schools Timber wolf. When it comes to learning, he is firmly devoted to the idea that anyone can learn, with the right environment and the right devotion to learning.He himself took Latin in high school, and fell in love with all the intricacies involving the Roman mindset in general. The love for the language would come later, attached to a sense of accomplishment in improving the lives of young people. He strives every day to not only teach Latin to his youngsters, but to teach them about themselves, and the great big world around them. Mr. Yates also coordinates the BrainBowl team with his colleagues, winning various awards and commendations for remembering arcane knowledge, as well as sponsoring the AV club, a group dedicated to the gaming industry, and supporting a competitive gaming team on campus.

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