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My name is Arcadia Beery,and this is my third year at Belton High School. It is also my third year teaching. I went to school at KU, and I love to decorate my classroom in as much Jayhawk stuff as I can, especially because I teach in Mizzou territory! :) I finished my Master's degree in Education in the summer of 2010, and I have returned to school at UMKC to complete a degree in Administration. My training is in both English as well as Gifted education. Because of this, I am a big fan of keying in to the multiple intelligences of my students. I understand that you don't all learn the same way, and I can't measure your learning in the same way either. To be honest...I am a TERRIBLE test taker! I hope to include more writing and more hands on projects and technology this year that will have students using their creativity, and not just memorizing facts about the literature we read. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! :) For quick updates, follow me on Twitter at
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