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About Mr. Wayne Williams

<div style="">Edmodo Ambassador</div><div style=""><br style=""></div>I teach grades 6-12 at Dawn School in Chattanooga, TN. My focus is successfully integrating technology into as many lessons as possible. My goal is to make it a natural integration and not an obviously forced implementation. For the last few years I have taught math and technology.  For the 2014-2015 school year I have been paired with another teacher to develop and implement a new curriculum for our 9-12 students. My partner will focus on the vocational and RLA aspects of the curriculum while I will focus on the math, science and social studies aspects. We have collaborated extensively over the summer and are very eager to launch our new program.  <div style="">In addition to being a classroom teacher I am currently serving as our building level technology contact for the county IT department. In this capacity my job is to troubleshoot the computers and other equipment in the building before turning it over to the county IT people. </div><div style=""><br style=""></div><div style=""><br style=""></div>