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Elementary Enrichment Facilitator DISD I have worked for DISD since 2006 when I came back across the Sandy from Bridgeport for the final time. I was so thrilled to be in home. Working in Decatur has been so exciting one challenge after another. In 2006 I began as middle school AP and loved the middle school kids. In 2008 I was then given an opportunity to take a principals position for the district and became the principal at the Alternative Placement Center until the budget cuts in 2011. Talk about a change...in 2011 I began working as the Elementary Enrichment Facilitator, or simply "GT" teacher. I pull out gifted 3rd-5th graders from each of the districts' elementary schools on Mon.-Weds. I work directly with K-2nd grade teachers on Thursday to assure they are meeting the rigor and academic challenges of their students within the regular ed classroom. Finally on Friday I have my workday and conference.

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