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Being a teacher is rewarding work that I love so much. I have had a wonderful year making a difference in our Technology department, having been awarded two grants to receive one MakerBot Mini 3D printer and 10 Ozobot robots for our middle school. Currently, I am pursuing my Educational Leadership Masters Degree to become a principal. I am able to make a difference in someones life every day; motivating them to follow their dreams. I do not accept failure; I try every angle and every strategy to help students succeed. I am a very passionate teacher of many subjects, many interests and talents. I love being able to teach 6th grade English, and middle school Technology Explo. On a personal note I am a happily married mom with three beautiful children. Their names are Devin, Nicky and Emma, plus one Bassett hound named Hannah. Each one keeps me on my toes! Come join me on Edmodo!

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