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My name is Lindsay Woods and I live and work in my hometown. I graduated from High School in 2001 and received my Bachelor’s degree from Southeast Missouri State University in 2004. I majored in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and my minor is in Sales Management. I married my husband in 2005 and thus began my “grown up” life. In my free time, I enjoy reading, swimming, singing in our church choir and praise band, and spending time with my huge extended family. My husband and I have one son who is 2 years old and we have baby #2 on the way. The baby is due February 6, so we are excited to grow our family! After 4 years of working in different office environments and sales jobs, in 2008, I realized something was missing in my professional life. That realization led me to begin searching for jobs in my area, thinking very seriously about a shift into the field of education. I spoke with some friends and did some research and discovered the ABCTE program online. The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence is an organization that assists career changers, like me, in obtaining their teaching certificate. I chose English/Language Arts as my core subject and quickly began studying. One year and two extremely intense tests later, I was awarded my ABCTE teaching certificate in January 2010. I was fortunate enough to be offered a job as a paraprofessional at the middle school where I live in August 2010, therefore allowing me to log the necessary classroom hours to satisfy all the requirements to apply for my Missouri teaching certificate. After I received my initial certification, I decided I loved working in special education. So, I proceeded to get my special education certification as well. I loved my job as a paraprofessional and feel I learned many things that I missed out on by not choosing the traditional route to teaching. I am excited to continue my education through this program while also furthering my education each day at my job. This coming school year I will be teaching middle school special education. I am so excited to have my own classroom this year! Nervous, yes, but very excited also. I am currently working on my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. I will be completely finished in August! Upon completion of this program I plan to pursue certification as a Library Media Specialist. I plan to teach in the classroom for several years and then transition into the position of Library Media Specialist at the middle school where I am currently employed.

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