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About Mr. A. Brannon Schwamlein

My heart is enveloped by the shrouds of long forgotten lore. Be it comedy or tragedy, I find joy in the story. For often, the quest--the journey--is greater than the destination. The lessons learned on the way, transform the static into dynamic, and the hero finds himself as he achieves immortality within the written word. I am a teacher of life through literature, and I believe that stories, both classical and modern, can challenge us to pursue greatness. We, as the characters we read about within each text, learn what we're made of as we face that text. Sometimes, the text appears as if it was written in another language, whether Homer's epics or Shakespeare's dramas, but if we fight through it, we'll find more than answers to questions posed on a test. We'll find personal success, for we didn't quit; we never gave up. We are more than conquerers. To accomplish this goal and to help to close the achievement gap within our educational system, I seek to put feet to my educational philosophy of "edu-tainment." I do the best I can with what I have in order to move students from setting to accomplishing their academic goals.

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