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I teach business and computer skills classes which are very much summed up by stating them as Life Skills. I believe education is all about life skills which is why I enjoy teaching the classes I teach. I spent 10 years in business before I decided I wanted to be a teacher and coach when I grew up. While my background is in business, being a business teacher is a very broad umbrella. I teach at a very small rural school where we have found students aren't as interested in balancing the accounting equation as they are interested in the computer arts classes. I have had the opportunity to do the yearbook along with this job and have began that journey mostly self directed and learning from scratch without a mentor and mostly self teaching along the way. This upcoming year I will be teaching Photography, Graphic Design/Web Design and will produce my 3rd ever yearbook. I have learned a new area of interest I would have never known but, all is self taught. Thank you to Edmodo for the connection to resources I may not have known about. I look forward and welcome anything anyone has to offer to a very GREEN ROOKIE in the field of graphic design, photography....anything computer art!! Outside the classroom I most likely can be found coaching something. I coach Football and Wrestling. I believe sports have a large element of teaching life skills that compliment skills learned in academic classrooms. In my spare time I'm probably doing one of 4 things...Lounging around, Working Out, Playing Golf (if it is summer time) or learning anything I can about Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.

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