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I love teaching at a small school! We fit the stereotype of what people think of as small town rural Texas (ranches, antique store in the western style even with an old wagon out front, and oil rigs) but not with the dry barren dust (we are near a large pine forest). We have small classes (this year mine are from 2 -16 students), but teach many preps because our campus is both elementary and secondary in one building (approx. 150 students overall and graduating class this last year of 13 students). I teach 6 courses per day from 7th to 12th grades. I also do the yearbook, One Act Play and am GT, Project Share, and PR coordinator for our campus. I am the Science Safety Officer and am working on my Science Teacher Mentor qualifications. My background is primarily in the arts (specifically interior design, but am known for portraiture in acrylics and most drawing media). I have certificates for PK-12 Art, 4-8 generalist, and Journalism. I am very excited to be teaching science as it was a favorite (after art) when I was growing up. And I am very excited to learn and share, especially new strategies and tech tools!

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