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Mr. Mohamed El-Ashiry Hakkında

I am a very energetic and passionate eLearning leader and teacher of Economics, Business Studies, Drama/Performing Arts, English/ESL and the Humanities (history, geography, politics etc...) I teach because I believe in making a difference in teenagers' lives, as many teachers made a difference in mine, now it's time to give back! <div style=""><br style=""><div style=""><div style=""></div><div style="">My teaching philosophy: </div><div style="">1- Teach students HOW to think, not to WHAT to think...</div><div style="">2- There is no 'one-size-fits-all' teaching, because we all learn differently...</div><div style="">3- Empower students with tools to help them LEARN the way they learn best...</div><div style="">4- The goal of assessment is to ultimately empower and train students to assess themselves and their own learning...</div><div style=""><br style=""></div><div style=""><div style=""></div><div style="">Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoAsh245 </div><div style="">LinkedIn: https://ae.linkedin.com/in/mohamedelashiry</div><div style="">Blog/Teaching portfolio: https://mrmoteachingportfolio.com/</div></div></div></div>