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About Ms. Angela Nguyen

I am currently in my fourth year at the Australian Catholic University completing my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. I have previously completed my Bachelor of Arts at the Australian Catholic University in 2011, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Japanese and Education.

I am an Australian born with a Vietnamese background and the middle of five children. I previously worked casually in a retail store and as a receptionist at a medical surgery however I decided to stop working to focus on the few students I tutor occasionally and my studies.

The high school i attended was a low socioeconomic status school which is the main reason why i decided to be a secondary teacher. Most of my classmates had potential to become successful in their lives but weren't fortunate enough to meet teachers that could see their potential. For that reason, I want to be a teacher that can reach those students and give them the opportunities that my classmates didn't receive.

I believe that to be a teacher, you need to be able to put yourself into someone else's shoes and you need to be patient.