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I became a teacher for four reasons. First, I think kids are impressionable, especially teens, and I know that I have an innate ability to reach them. Not only can I reach them, but I can teach them and lead by example. I can show them a love for life and an excitement for learning. Appropriately introducing my second reason for being a teacher; My love of learning. As a teacher, geez! As a living being, I always have the opportunity to learn. I can’t sit still for long, as a person with ADD, and it works out well that I also love exploration opportunities. I want students to see that even if school is not a place they love, learning can be; Even after high school or college, we are always learners. My third reason for being a teacher is an appreciation for challenges. The “easy button” has never been a part of my life and I know that it is the same for many of my students. Like learning for some, I see teaching as a challenge. I feel it is something I can enjoy for a long time especially because I bore easily and teaching is far from monotonous! My last reason encompasses a style from a “fishy” video I saw about a decade ago. Instantly, I knew the principals outlined in the video were for me to take into a classroom because I had already been living them my whole life. The concepts were: Play, Be there, Make their day, and Choose your attitude. These are the things I expect of myself every day and the things I think my students come to love in me. They are a beginning and a middle, which seem to promise to be without end in my classroom.

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