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About Mrs. Maureen Kecmer

As the Numeracy Coach, I engage and assist classroom instructors so that best practices are utilized with the goal of continuous improvement to increase student learning in mathematics within the Common Core State Standards. My coaching involves listening, observing, questioning, and offering support to help our teachers grow, reflect, and make effective instructional decisions. Some of my expected duties as the numeracy coach are to use my teaching expertise and proven math teaching methods to help raise student achievement by empowering our teachers; work collaboratively with teachers on a peer-to-peer basis to arrive at plans of action for each student; participate with my colleagues during planning sessions, team meetings, and other professional development opportunities; work to assure that students are prepared for each new progressive grade-level and apply statistical analysis in the disseminating of data with follow-up discussions to enhance student growth with new math strategies, math tools, pacing of the curriculum and applying data along our students’ optimal learning path.

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