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Welcome to my website. I am glad you are here! Degrees: Bachelor of Arts: Bethel College Master of Science in Social Studies Education: Indiana University I am one of only 22 National Board Certified Social Studies Teachers in Arizona. Email address: School phone number: 480-279-7348 Office hours: M-R 12:55-1:30 and by appointment Subjects 2011-2012: AP Economics/Economics/Government About Me: Hello! I look forward to having you as a student in my class. You may wish to know some background information about me. I was born in 1971 and have been happily married since 1992. My wife and I have two daughters and a son. I grew up in the thumb of Michigan thumb of Michigan and graduated in 1989. I obtained a Bachelors degree in 1994 from Bethel College (IN). Later I earned a Master of Science in Social Studies Education from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). I earned my National Board Teacher Certification in 2007. I have taught just about everything there is to teach in Social Studies including Psychology, Sociology, U.S. and World History as well as Government and Economics. I taught in Michigan prior to relocating to Arizona and I started working for HUSD in 2005. I enjoy tennis, camping, hiking and reading. Course Description: All of my courses are one semester courses required for graduation. Economics familiarizes the student with the essentials of the free enterprise system and other economic systems of the world. Included are the principles of supply and demand, and the economic problems of resource allocation. Emphasis is placed on the economic skills necessary for real life applications. We will also reinforce the proper use of economic tools and research skills, along with presenting an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of current events. AP Economics is a focus on Macroeconomics at a college level of instruction. Students will spend about 5 weeks learning foundational economics including supply and demand followed by 12 weeks of intensive instruction in Macro concepts such as Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and the components of GDP. Students will use knowledge to make predictions about Fiscal and Monetary decisions and impacts on the total economy. Students who successfully pass the AP Macroeconomics exam at the end of the school year will receive course credit for at most colleges and universities if a score of three or better is achieved. Government will educate students in the historical background of the United States government, identify the strengths and weaknesses and provide insight to the inner workings of the Federal Government. Additionally, we will analyze Congress, the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch. Students will gain knowledge of how the court system works through a simulated jury selection and court trial. Students will also be expected to observe and/or participate in two government activities such as attending a legal proceeding in court, a government meeting or working for a cause, politicion or rally of choice. State and local government will also be explored, explained and examined. Click here to access state and national standards for my classes. Note: Students can access daily warmups, lesson activities and assignments in the class content unit pages. Check your grades online! Click picture or More information on my Gradebook page.
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