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About Ms. Ashley N. Flores

Ashley currently serves as an Edtech consultant for schools in the Austin, Texas area. Previously:Ashley served as the Blended Learning Associate for the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings. In this position she supported, coached<span style=""> and empowered the Teacher Innovation Fellows participating in the Blended Learning Initiative, Unjammed. Fellows came from a various states throughout the country. Ashley provided ongoing virtual professional development and helped the cohort implement tech-infused, standards-based curricula in their classrooms.  As part of her work, Ashley also led created and led the Start From Scratch initiative, a nationwide programming competition for students in long-term secure facilities.</span>Ashley has been teaching and working with economically disadvantaged youth for eight years. She started out as a technology co-facilitator in a high school transition program for at-risk students, and then became a mentor and high school career advisor. She began her formal teaching career as a high school math interventionist and a career and technical educator. Most recently, she worked in a K-5 setting as a technology applications teacher and integration specialist. Ashley earned her undergraduate degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in electronic media from Texas State University, where she also received her master’s in educational technology.Ashley enjoys living and working in the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by lakes, fresh food, great people and plenty of sunshine. In her spare time, you can find her at a local coffee shop, writing, reflecting, contemplating a PhD or editing a video production. When she needs a getaway, she heads down to South Texas to see family.@ashnfloresStarted using Edmodo in 2010 with students in 9-12th grade. Since then it's become part of her teaching toolkit. and has rolled out Edmodo at her former K-5 campus with students and educators. Most recently she trained educators working in secure care environments and currently manages 2 Edmodo groups. One for the Unjammed cohort and the second for all teacher working in secure care facilities. Use this link to join-> https://edmo.do/j/fa28bm

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