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About Ms. Kimberly Schiller

I have been teaching middle school English since 2003. I started my teaching career at a gifted and talented school on the Lower East Side of New York City and I learned a great deal from my experience there. In 2005, I began teaching in Huntington, New York on Long Island.  I teach middle school students and I love it, especially eighth graders. Their energy is frenetic, and when channeled properly, you can get a lot done and really inspire kids. At school, I am actively involved with curriculum planning and technology. I also earned my SMART Board user.certification in July 2012.  In addition to teaching students, I conduct professional development sessions focusing on Edmodo and the Common Core.  I am also an Edmodo Ambassador.  Outside of teaching my other passions include music, history (particularly labor history, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, and women's history), traveling and the city. I always try to think of innovative ways to include these in my classroom. I am actively involved with the New York Labor History Association, the Frances Perkins Forum, and the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition.

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