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I love Texas History. Texas is a great place to be and live. My family is Mexican American and as far as we can go back, they have always been in Texas. My family can trace it's roots in Texas for at least 6 generations so I feel proud to call myself a Tejana! Texas has a unique history that no other state can claim and I enjoy educating as many as I can about it. I do speak Spanish and English so communicating with my students and parents is easy. I am originally from West Texas, born and raised in Lubbock, home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders!!! I attended public school in West Texas and got my Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Education at TTU. I also have a Master of Science degree in Education Media Design Technology from Full Sail University located in Florida. That was a fun program to do since it was all done online and I learned so much about how to use technology in the classroom. Edmodo is somewhat like Facebook in that it allows many of the same digital media social networking options but geared toward education. I'm not sure how much we will use it since it is my first year with it, but we'll take it as far as we can and learn from it together. I look forward to a new and exciting school year and hope you will learn alot more than you already know about Texas and it's rich history!................August, 2013 UPDATE: I was very successful using Edmodo last year...students were excited to use a social network that looks very similar to what they are used to using. Students took quizzes and completed assignments and turned them using the Edmodo, as well as do research for projects and submit animoto vidoes and other online assignments. There were a few issues but overall, I loved the results. This year I will continue to use it with an added plus.....our district has bought into Edmodo and we now have a district umbrella which means we can use most of the districts curriculum that can be simply linked or posted into Edmodo without too much worry of copyright. This will make lesson plans even easier to create! I'm excited and hope my students will be posting soon!

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