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About Plunder EduGames

EduGames: Balancing Fun & Learning

Plunder! is a series of pirate-themed, educational videogame that engages learners to improve their literacy skills through a fun-learning experience.

Plunder! is a web-based, supplemental tool that is used as a stand-alone or preferably alongside preexisting English Composition courses.

Objective: Fun-Learning

1. Mission - Our mission is to design and develop an educational video game that
will actively engage our students to enhance their literacy skills.

2. Values – We value differentiated learning, therefore we will build an educational
video game with the pedagogy that facilitates different learning styles.

3. Vision -We envision our students becoming more effective personal and professional
communicators as a result of our assessment-based EduGame.

4. Goal – We will strive to improve our students’ literacy skills through a fun, creative
and interactive experience.