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About Ms. Miranda Suvak

I’m the Facilitator for the Life Science Classes. I teach: *Zoology *Genetics *Marine Biology *Environmental Science *Biology Fall 2013 Schedule: 1st Hour: Ornithology 2nd Hour: Ornithology 3rd Hour: PLAN 4th Hour: Marine Biology 5th Hour: Marine Biology 6th Hour: Marine Biology My Contact Information: Email: miranda.suvak@jenksps.org Phone: (918) 299-4411 x 4116 Room Number: JMASC 112 Background Info (fun places I've worked) *Tulsa Zoo: My job was an Avain Zookeeper. Specifically, my birds were the North America buildings, which included the Snowy Owls, Desert Birds like thrashers, doves, and elf owls, Forest Birds like songbirds, barn owls, crows, and the BALD EAGLE, and Coastal birds like brown pelicans, white pelicans, green herons, white ibis, gallinules, and wood ducks. And outside - I made friends with a 5-foot-tall wild blue heron, and fed her daily, even through nesting, when she brought her chick to beg with her! *Sam Noble Museum of Natural History: I worked in the Discovery Room, which was a hand's on room where you could touch different types of artifacts and bones, and play games to learn about things in the museum. We also had a realistic paleontogical dig for replica dinosaur bones that students could excavate. I was in charge of presentations and led group activities when students on field trips booked the room, as well as when it was open to the public on weekends. I also helped create some of the exhibits and educational games for the room. Fun Fact: Who's the bird in the profile picture? Her name is Keely. Keely was born in spring 1998, and came to college with me as my only pet. She's very smart and likes to talk. In the past, she's learned tricks and learned her colors (red, green, yellow, and purple). Her favorite (or most hated) color is red - she always touches or attacks it first. Keely's favorite foods are carrots and dried papaya (coincidence that they are both orange?). Keely is the queen of the house, and insists on being served first in the morning and going to bed last at night. She is extremely jealous of any of my other pets, and would just as soon bite them as look at them.

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