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Hi, I'm Roseli Serra. Born in Recife,married , mother of two young adult children. I work for BRITANIC course English as the DOS , I teach education technology at Pernambuco University and I am an e-moderator at the British Council. I love moderating courses online and participating in online chats , groups and forums related to TEFL. I am a Psychologist and also graduated in Language Arts and Literature and post graduated in Applied Linguistics. But most of all, I am teacher independently of any post. At the moment I am doing MA in TEFL at Reading University UK and I love it! Since the late 90's , I have worked as a teacher and as a teacher trainer, dealing with academic issues, products and teachers. I love teaching, counseling, arts, music, travelling, cinema, cooking, dogs , Information technology related to education and to all the things I love. I love being alive and I mainly I enjoy staying with my family. I am extrovert, happy , easy- going and hard working. I love working with technology. I have always loved it, actually. As a teacher, I love using all the available tools the school provides since we started using technology here. I am curious and it seems to me that it's not that difficult to learn how to use new educational or any other technological tools to improve knowledge in the field of TEFL , teacher training or anything . I hope that here we can develop new ideas, improve our creativity , learn a lot from each other as well as have a lot of opportunities to share. Cheers! Roseli

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