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  • Leader


    You earned the Leader badge by inviting at least 5 teachers to join Edmodo

  • Level 4 AMC-8 Top Hat

    Level 4 AMC-8 Top Hat

    Correctly answering 150 AMC-8 practice questions!

  • Connected


    Connect with at least 10 teachers on Edmodo

  • Level 3 AMC-8 Monocle

    Level 3 AMC-8 Monocle

    Correctly answering 75 AMC-8 practice questions!

  • EdmodoCon 2017 Attendee

    EdmodoCon 2017 Attendee

    This badge confirms your attendance at EdmodoCon 2017.

  • EdmodoCon 2014 Attendee

    EdmodoCon 2014 Attendee

    Attended EdmodoCon 2014!

  • Connection Hub

    Connection Hub

    Connect with at least 20 teachers on Edmodo

  • Level 7 AMC-8 Champion

    Level 7 AMC-8 Champion

    Correctly answering 500 AMC-8 practice questions!

  • Edmodo Training

    Edmodo Training

    Thanks for participating in an Edmodo Training Group

  • Topic Follower

    Topic Follower

    Follow two topics

  • Level 1 AMC-8 Hipster

    Level 1 AMC-8 Hipster

    Correctly answering 10 AMC-8 practice questions!

  • Level 5 AMC-8 Glowworm

    Level 5 AMC-8 Glowworm

    Correctly answering 250 AMC-8 practice questions!

  • Subdomain User

    Subdomain User

    Belong to your school's Edmodo subdomain

  • Profile Complete

    Profile Complete

    Your profile is complete, great job!

  • Community Member

    Community Member

    Follow two subject area communities

  • Level 6 AMC-8 Rockstar

    Level 6 AMC-8 Rockstar

    Correctly answering 400 AMC-8 practice questions!

  • Level 2 AMC-8 Mustache

    Level 2 AMC-8 Mustache

    Correctly answering 25 AMC-8 practice questions!

  • Verified Teacher

    Verified Teacher

    Verify your teacher account

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