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Fun, Good, Work! : 

 I am a 4th grade teacher!!! Full time...1 fabulous, integrated class!

I am blessed to be a teacher and work with children to support their learning and growth. My interests are many and I love to collaborate! Assessment for Learning (AFL), Literacy, Technology, Creativity, Giftedness, PBIL, Marine and Space Science, conservation, sustainability and more (yes...I am truly an elementary teacher at heart)! I think STEM covers a lot of the above..sorry! 

Groups: Some of my favourite Edmodo Groups I have as part of my PLN. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll get the codes to you. 

*Florida Teachers
*Gifted and Talented - 
*Common Core Conversation (and one for administrators) 
*Project Based Learning (PBIL) here on Edmodo & NASA ePDN with Georgia Tech (google it) - 
*Flipping your classroom: I have been working with this since the 2012-13 school year.
*Assessment for Learning: I LOVE AFL! and have created a group centered on increasing the use of Assessment for Learning in the classroom. 
*Class Dojo: Highly recommend Class Dojo, a technology based behaviour management program! 
*Nooks for Learning: using Nooks and e-readers to engage and support students with literacy life long! 

I am a Florida Certified Teacher 1-6 grade & (US) Qualified Teacher for Primary (England). 
BS in Elementary Ed (US) and Post Grad Diploma in SEN (UK) My Post Grad work was in Literacy Difficulties, Curriculum Design and International Education. 

Goals: To complete my Masters in Educational Leadership and research the use of Assessment for Learning for my PhD.

Florida Gifted and ESOL Endorsements.



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