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<p style="">I was born in France and immigrated to US in 1997. I spent some time in Michigan for HS and got my AA, AS in community college - Northwestern Michigan College; I received my Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Graphics from CSU, Chico. I have 10+ years of experience in web development and I continue to learn from my peer developers at Edmodo each day. </p><p style=""><br style=""></p><p style="">I have a wide range of interests in life and I have always been drawn to Astronomy; Space science; Game Design and Game Development. </p><p style=""><br style=""></p><p style=""> Software Engineer @ Edmodo </p><p style="">Projects: +10 Campaigns, Translation Tool, ADA Compliance, Section 508, AAC, Emails, Edmodo Apps. </p><p style=""><br style=""></p><p style="">Proficient in W3C Validation / Section 508 / WCAG / ADA Compliancy / VPAT / FAE </p><p style=""><br style=""></p><p style="">Member of National Space Society </p><p style="">Member of American Alliance Of Museums </p><p style="">Member of IGDA<br style=""></p><p style=""><br style=""></p><p style=""> Kickstarter Projects I follow: http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/jeromeheuze</p>

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