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I am a special education teacher going into my 40th year and still loving it! I have taught preschool handicapped students ages 3-5 all the way up and including 21 year olds. I am now teaching in a middle school and in the most recent of 20+ years I have been assigned to a sixth grade team. I have been co-teaching for a number of years in the areas primarily of reading, math and language arts. I have also co-taught social studies and science when my caseload has been smaller. in addition, I offer a study skills class for all students in our sixth grade to be assigned, as needed, for strategies, learning styles, organizational skills, and studying skills, or just about anything other teachers find a need for more specialized and individualized instruction. I am a National Board Certified Teacher as of 2006 and I consider myself a life-long learner. [I recently renewed my NBCT certification that will be in force until 2026.] I find learning new things exhilarating and with each course I take, every book study, or even a presentation that I give; I am always learning something new! Over the years my teaching style continuously has been evolving based on the ever-changing needs of our students. After school, I worked as a supervising teacher for Project Anchor. We had about 25-30 students on a regular basis. It was a rewarding extension of my day. Years ago I was part of ESY and I again participated in our county's program(s) for the past two summers. I worked then as a math specialist with fourth graders so it is a change of pace, but I also got a preview of students headed my way! I started my teaching career helping a family out my milking cows, which is a very long story, but the part I want to pass on as a 'veteran' teacher is to never think that what you do doesn't matter or that no one noticed. Two years a young man walked into my homeroom and announced that, "You ARE Mrs. Roth." I indicated, "Yes, and that my name was on the nameplate above the door." He again repeated himself and then added, "You ARE the Mrs. Roth who helped to save my grandparents farm!" My heart almost melted on the spot as I was not prepared for that statement. What I had done that first year of teaching is what I thought all teachers were suppose to do--get to know who your students are. I am still spending time getting to know my students in a variety of ways. Just today a former student dropped by with homemade oatmeal cookies, with no raisins, my absolute favorite comfort food! I can go home and smile each day knowing that I AM making a difference just like many of you! Hey, Val, does that get anybody a pay raise? Okay, I got it, read the next chapter. (She is such a task master! : ) )
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