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Hey ya'll! I am from the sunflower state...Kansas CIty, KS. My parents both started off as teachers. My father coached and retired from 2 school twice(lol). My mother became a director of an adoption agency, then finally retired as the head of community development department of the county where I'm from. Same county as Janelle Monáe. Well then in the fam there are 3 boys and i am the youngest and only girl. I have 3 nephew and just recently added another niece to make 2. I was met and married my husband on the beach and that's how we would love to spend life...on vacation. There are 3 Miller girls and our beach bum...Bump! He runs the ship right now. I attend Winner's Church and there is a standing invitation...stop on by. I believe that life is a gift and education is the wrapping. The more you have the bigger your box can be the more options you have. The farther you extend yourself the prettier the paper can be. The more time and effort you take the better it will look for you and anyone you choose to share this gift with. Go out and take life's moments and put your own bows and strings around them and realize that the present always becomes the past and nothing lasts forever...pain or pleasure. So love life, love others and love yourself enough to fill your life with memories.

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