About Mr. Brian Courtemanche

Mr. Courtemanche has been teaching at Londonderry High School since 1996.  In that time he has taught US History, Psychology, Humanities, Economics, Civics, and the World at War.  Currently he teaches US History to sophomores and World at War to juniors and seniors.  He graduated from Saint Anselm College with a Bachelor's in History and was honored to be chosen LHS Teacher of the Year in 2004 and have the yearbook dedication in 2005.    He strongly believes in challenging kids to think in his classroom and become active learners, not just passengers on the train. Participation in class discussions and having a strong work ethic are essential in doing well in his class.  Mr. Courtemanche is available most days after school for extra help. Before tests he always runs review groups after school which he highly encourages the students to attend.  The biggest key to doing well in his class is to complete the homework on time.  He always provides the students with syllabuses that will have all the work the students need to complete for the month. His email address is BrianCourtemanche@Londonderry.org   ( NOT Bcourtemanche@londonderry.org ).  His twitter handle is @CourtemancheMr . If you need to reach him by phone the number is 432 - 6941 ext. 2821. The best way by far to reach him is via email. His schedule for the day is as follows ( all classes are in Room 209 ): A: US History B: World at War C: World at War D: Prep E: US History F: Lunch G: US History H: Patrol Duty
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