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About Jeaniffer Hiponia Cubangbang

Let's collaborate!

Instructional Technology Program Coordinator

Office of Instructional Services, CNMI Public School System

http://www.cnmipss.org or http://goo.gl/umRHm

(670) 237-3014; (670) 664-3796 fax


Prior to joining PSS again on June 1, 2011...

~have managed and taught Pre-K to 8th Grade online courses in Kodiak, Alaska from 2010-2011.

~was the head sciences & technology teacher for 6-12th Grade at Word of Life Academy from 2005-2010. At WOLA, I taught other classes such as yearbook, algebra 2, and substitute for English 8-10.

~was the first business/computer applications teacher for 9-12th Grade at Saipan Southern High School from 2002-2004.

~worked and still do work for the family business Jen-Marz Ent. as accountant, manager, janitor, bill collector and do-everything-so-we-don't-go-bankrupt.

~was an orientation leader for incoming freshmen at University of Hawaii.

You can also add me on http://www.facebook.com/jcubangbang, follow me on Twitter.com/jeaniffer.

I <3 God, family, friends, and life!