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I might be getting older, but my avatar is not a picture of myself. It is Jakob Bernoulli (mathematician from a "few years ago") "discoverer" of e. Math teacher, previously computer support, previously motorcycle safety instructor, previously insurance underwriter trainee, previously volunteer firefighter, previously life insurance salesman, previously officer in Iowa National Guard, previously... I've also taken and passed the first actuarial exam and am studying for the second. (If you don't know what that is, take a look on the Internet, http://www.beanactuary.com) Some areas I would like to continue studying in mathematics: game theory, finance, number theory, economics. applied math. I am certified to teach secondary mathematics, secondary business, and K-12 Talented and Gifted. My undergraduate degree in math is from the University of Iowa and my graduate degree in business administration is also from the University of Iowa.

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