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Luke is a retired teacher who has spent over 33 years in the classroom. He is a member of ICE, (Illinois Computing Educators), and has served on the planning committee for the ICE Conference (formally known as The Illinois Technology Conference for Educators). For the past eight years, Luke has helped in recruiting tech staff volunteers, and has helped in establishing the Conference’s presence in social media. Luke has been a conference presenter at ICE, MECC in Minneapolis, IETC in Springfield, FETC in Florida, ITEC in Iowa, MACUL in Michigan, TETC in Nashville, METC in St. Louis, eTech Ohio, and The Southern Illinois Technology Showcase in Carterville and the Mt. Vernon Conference. He was recently honored with ISTE’s “Making IT Happen” Award at the 2011 ICE Conference. Since retiring, Luke keeps himself busy with substitute teaching and managing his websites. He enjoys golf, the outdoors, reading, digital photography and, of course," fiddling around with stuff on the computer.”
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