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Home Again... On June 29th 2013 I married Stephanie Whitt from Clover, SC. Steph teaches math at York Technical College and trains horses on our horse farm called "Whitt's End Horse Farm" in York, SC. I obviously could not ask her to give all that up and therefore I agreed to move back to York County. For those who do not know my story. I'm dyslexic, learning disabled, and ADHD... FYI: don't ever tell me you can't overcome having trouble learning because I already did and that wont work with me. I grew up in West Columbia, SC about a mile from Riverbanks Zoo, and two miles as the crow flies from that SC State House. My mother and father are awesome parents, and a great example for Stephanie and I today. My brother, Jason, has Down Syndrome and has lived with me off and on for about 13 years. Jason finished 2nd with a Silver medal in the 2000 Special Olympics World Games... he is an awesome athlete and die hard Gamecock fan. I grew up loving to fish and dreaming about hunting. I was very athletic playing just about every sport possible, but being best at baseball and loving basketball most. I graduated from Brookland-Cayce High School in 1995. I then moved to Rock Hill, SC and became a History major at Winthrop University in the fall of 1995. I graduated from Winthrop University in the fall of 2000. During my time at Winthrop I majored in History, founded and became president of the Winthrop FCA, and enjoyed three straight Mens Basketball Championship seasons as the Student Assistant for the Winthrop Eagles under Coach Gregg Marshall. I then chased my dream of coaching at the University of Georgia were I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Coach Mark Richt, but also found out that some dreams aren’t what they seem. I left Athens moving home and taking a teaching/coaching job in a rural town. After two years and two schools I was not happy and moved home to the Lexington area. I worked one year as a Teacher’s Assistant at Busbee Middle, but then went after the sales world hoping to find better money. Two years later I was on pace to make over $100,000 in a year, but something was missing. I went into my manager and told him I was going back to teaching. I left to take a spot as a substitute teacher in Lexington Two. It was not but a few days before I was substituting at Fulmer Middle School and my old Elementary principle came to the door of the class I was subbing in. He said, "I hear you want social studies?" I said yes and he then directed me to come with him while someone else watched my class. He walked me straight in to the principles office and said, "I'm out of here on Friday and you need to higher this guy." He then walked out with the principle and I at a loss for words. That afternoon I became the new 6th grade teacher for World History at Fulmer. Truth is I came off very cocky and arrogant leaving those in the interview with questions... is he just cocky or is he that good? It took less than a week for the kids to know that answer, and then everyone else realized it throughout the rest of that first year. From there I took over the Fulmer FCA and the student leaders started building a great FCA. After a year of 6th grade World History a teacher stepped down who had been teaching 8th grade SC History also known as my dream job. My great principal came to me and offered me the spot but said I would have to teach both 6th and 8th grades. That worked for me as long as I had a chance to teach what I love. After that year I was given all 8th grade SC History classes and over the next 6 years I would learn a lot about teaching, history, and what it means to be apart of something very special. At one point I was asked to take over the Boys Basketball Team which I did with great excitement. Our team was very good going 23-1 in two years of AAA basketball. Our Fulmer FCA also started a new group that became part of the SC FCA state level ministry called, SC FCA Outdoors. This group now has left FCA and joined Cross Trail Outfitters and our group is based in York County www.teamcto.org This group takes middle school and high school youth fishing/hunting/and camping. From an academic side our history teachers at Fulmer came together to create a powerhouse group and the students took it from there raising our scores on state test to unheard of numbers. After about 6 years one of the best social studies teachers I have ever met moved out of state to attend to family health issues. When he left I was asked to take back over the 6th grade history spot full time. It was what was best for the school as a whole so I gladly took the job. Two months into being back to teaching 6th grade my personal life changed in a way that would forever change my teaching and coaching carer. I became engaged to a beautiful and highly intelligent girl who trains horses on a farm in Clover, SC. Clover was over 1:30 away from Lexington and I knew I was the one who was going to have to move. We did the best we could that year, and I'm happy to say I believe we exceeded most anyones expectations. Now I am on my 3rd year teaching in Rock Hill School District 3 and I am ready to continue impacting the lives of youth not only academically but as people as well. For now my coaching whistle is going to hang up but no worries I'm not done yet. I will also not be leading a school FCA but I will assist others when needed. I just need a few years to work on being a great husband, daddy as of Dec 2015 and to continue leading CTO of York County. I am very excited about this year and I look forward to working with all the teachers at RRMS, my students and their parents. One thing I want to point out is that I have very high expectations of my students. I am more concerned with their effort than anything else. Fulmer’s History scores have been at the top of the state for many years now, and I want to be able to say the same for Rawlinson Road. Please join me as we reach for and grasp new heights never seen before at this school. Fulmer has set the standards in learning and the expectations of teachers and students that allow them to get there. It is up to us to see that and work to raise ourselves to that level and then above. As Head Basketball Coach and future Hall of Fame Coach Rick Patinio once told me, "In everything you do WIN! No matter if it is how you prepare, how you study, how you look, how you eat, or how you tie your shoes. Do it BETTER than anyone else." This will be our goal. We will see what others have done, and we will learn and adapt to do it better than anyone else. When you walk in my door know this... It's GAME TIME and we Go Hard! I simply ask for your best, and when you make a mistake you admit it and fix it. Homework: Simple really... You have HW 5 days a week Mon-Fri that I want you to watch your favorite TV show. Then during each commercial break of that 1 show I want you to review your notes, re-read your notes, create flash cards, re-write your notes, watch a video from our Edmodo page, or work on extra credit. Then after that 1 show and on weekends relax and have fun. Do this and come May when you take the PASS test it will be easy. Teachers from other schools: if you have ideas I might can use or if you need something from me let me know. It takes a village to raise a child: it takes everyone to educate a child. Coach Herring Any questions or concerns let me know: MrHerringSCHistory@gmail.com

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