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About Mrs. Michelle Wendt

<div style=""><span style="">Edmodo Ambassador and Snapshot Trailblazer</span><br style=""></div><div style=""><span style=""><br style=""></span></div>Technology Integration Specialist  and Adjunct Instructor for The Southern Regional Institute and Educational Technology Training Center at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey <div style="">Role: Technology Integrationist for Runnemede School District,  Fairfield Township School, and Woodbine Elementary School.<br style=""><div style="">Twitter and Skype: meechele7 </div><div style="">G+ Michelle Wendt </div><div style=""><br style=""></div><div style="">My Edmodo groups : Preschool 3 & 4 Year Olds https://edmo.do/j/myd56x </div><div style="">Easiteach Next generation for interactive whiteboards( share your lessons and strategies: http://edmodo.com/join/59453cc2cf21adeed5629e3725bd25bc </div><div style="">Mimeo for interactive whiteboards( share your lessons and strategies : http://edmodo.com/join/33ea0bfaece68e4c66068306f4f0472b </div><div style="">Promethean for interactive whiteboards( share your lessons and strategies : http://edmodo.com/join/d1d416ab643107abde445642ed4184f1 </div><div style="">Smart Notebook for interactive whiteboards( share your lessons and strategies: http://edmodo.com/join/99cb0e57d2d68ee78db392e09294e40a </div><div style="">GEAR UP New Jersey http://edmodo.com/join/9cce34d18e86d28e01ab470e1dc56dbe </div><div style="">Minecraft Teachers http://edmodo.com/join/33f54d0589573fbd6cfa3f2e071ff553 SRI & ETTC http://edmodo.com/join/10866163e59cf55502290ef3340d6bb5 </div><div style="">The SRI and ETTC on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SRIETTCNJ </div><div style="">Meeting Middle School ELA standards with Edmodo on ipads https://edmo.do/j/44rvx2</div></div>