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"Some people look at a glass and say it is half empty and some say that it is half full. When I look at a glass, I say that there surely must be a way to add more!”

I am a Technology Integration Specialist at SPARCC (Stark Portage Area Computer Consortium, a group with over 25 school districts) and maintain two web sites with a wide variety of resources-

* SPARCC Technology Integration Website -    

* The Web Resources Hoarder Site-

I have been active on Edmodo since 2008, I am an Edmodo Ambassador and Luminary and welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

Please consider joining one or more of my Edmodo Groups that I manage:

* 12 Literacies for Today's Students -

* 12 Things- Computer Literacy -

*  21st Century Skills, Stop just talking about them, it time to be doing! -

*  Advanced Web Searching -

*  LSNED (Learn Something New Every Day)-

*  Radio Technology in Classroom -

*  Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum -

*  Student Learning Styles & Changing Roles of Students & Teachers in Instructions-

*  Teacher Toolbox-

I also invite you to connect with me on Edmodo and to follow me on Edmodo Spolight my address is -,1168902

Or you may want to join one of the hundreds of Edmodo's Teacher-Created Groups-  (maintained by Kristina Holzweiss. If you create your own group you can notify her at submit new group form to include your group in the list. You might also want visit her site-

My special Interests include Information Literacy & Web Searching, Radio Technology & Spreadsheets.

I am a frequent speaker at a number of National, State and Regional Technology Conferences. For materials from my presentations please visit

I am an Amateur Radio Operator (Ham), K8ZT; visit my sites for Students and Teachers interested in Radio in classroom- I also serve as ARRL Ohio Assistant Section Manager for Educational Outreach. I am always glad to work with any teacher or school that would like to start a school radio club or incorporate any radio technology, satellite communication, electronics, etc. into their instruction/curriculum.



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