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"Some people look at a glass and say it is half empty and some say that it is half full. When I look at a glass, I say that there surely must be a way to add more!”

I am a Technology Integration Specialist at SPARCC (Stark Portage Area Computer Consortium, a group with over 25 school districts) and maintain two web sites with a wide variety of resources-

* SPARCC Technology Integration Website - http://www.scparrc.org/ti    

* The Web Resources Hoarder Site- http://techweb.apps.sparcc.org 

I have been active on Edmodo since 2008, I am an Edmodo Ambassador and Luminary and welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

Please consider joining one or more of my Edmodo Groups that I manage:

* 12 Literacies for Today's Students - https://edmo.do/j/zdss92

* 12 Things- Computer Literacy - https://edmo.do/j/3304i1

*  21st Century Skills, Stop just talking about them, it time to be doing! - https://edmo.do/j/8zjdwt

*  Advanced Web Searching - https://edmo.do/j/gtuc49

*  LSNED (Learn Something New Every Day)- https://edmo.do/j/v7ycrd

*  Radio Technology in Classroom - https://edmo.do/j/w227iw

*  Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum - https://edmo.do/j/n2pw4b

*  Student Learning Styles & Changing Roles of Students & Teachers in Instructions- https://edmo.do/j/tn2t94

I also invite you to connect with me on Edmodo and to follow me on Edmodo Spolight my address is - https://spotlight.edmodo.com/profile/anthony-luscre,1168902

Or you may want to join one of the hundreds of Edmodo's Teacher-Created Groups- http://goo.gl/Il0IuT (maintained by Kristina Holzweiss, you might also want visit her site- http://lieberry.weebly.com).

My special Interests include Information Literacy & Web Searching, Radio Technology & Spreadsheets.

I am a frequent speaker at a number of National, State and Regional Technology Conferences. For materials from my presentations please visit http://www.searchfindknow.com/handouts--materials.html 

I am an Amateur Radio Operator (Ham), K8ZT; visit my sites for Students and Teachers interested in Radio in classroom- http://sparcc.weebly.com/radio-day.html I also serve as ARRL Ohio Assistant Section Manager for Educational Outreach. I am always glad to work with any teacher or school that would like to start a school radio club or incorporate any radio technology, satellite communication, electronics, etc. into their instruction/curriculum.


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