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About Mr. Robert Budacki

After 10 years of teaching Biology and Human Anatomy at my alma mater Rochester High School, I became the High School Principal there for a year. A year later I was fortunate to assume my current position as Assistant Principal of the New Brighton Area High School. I am completing my 4th year at New Brighton and have had no regrets whatsoever of my decision. I do miss the personal relationships that I was fortunate to make with students during my teaching tenure, but I know that I have a greater impact on the education of students and preparing teachers in my current position. I still have the ability and opportunity to build relationships with students, but it pales in comparison of that ability as a teacher. I am very proud to be a LION and a member of an Administrative and Educational Team that put students first, share a commitment to life-long learning and continue to build strong connections to our community on an on-going basis. Thanks!