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About Ms. Pamela Adams

As a teacher of English, History and Geography, I am constantly seeking innovative teaching methods! In particular, I like to find ways of energising students. I like to integrate curriculum ideas. So far I have explored blogging connections - Teen Waves http://teenwaves.blogspot.com.au/ is the base blog (with prompts for all curriculum areas) and students connect their own blogs. In 2012 I have explored the viability of OneNote. Next, I wish to explore film and photography in the classroom. I have done some this year, but I can see the potential for more. LINKS Pamela Adams - Teacher Portfolio - The journey till now http://www.portfoliogen.com/pamela/ 21st C Teacher Portfolio - (current reflections on my experience catapulted into the digital age) http://teacheringrey.blogspot.com/

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