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I am in my 16th year teaching gifted students. I teach gifted (Enrichment) in two schools in close proximity. In my 'home' school, I sponsor our in-school Broadcast program and a Lego Robotics after-school club. I officially classify myself as a tech geek/ nerd. I love to do projects with my students that include heavy use of technology. We've done clay animation projects, Scratch programming, movie-making, tooth-pick bridge building, Lego Mindstorms NXT & Lego WeDo's that involve building and programming robots -- just to name a few. I love science and math, too, and I really like PBL projects. For 4 years we participated in a local science museum contest to create a prototype demonstrating a science concept. In 2008, we won first prize for our Mag-lev prototype, and in 2010, we created a game called "Recyclopoly" to help students learn about the importance of recycling. Though we didn't win, we raised our own awareness, and I've developed a terminal case of recycle-fever. For 2013-14, we'll be participating in the science contest again (Celebrate Science!). I have high hopes for a great prototype this year. I also have more Lego equipment than ever before. I love it so much, I'd really like to teach in a Lego Lab. I recently connected with a teacher in Idaho teaching in 3rd - 5th gr. in a STEM lab. That would be my dream! I'd love to connect to anyone looking for collaborators and connecting students.

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